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Brand New Warm Company Products

Below are just 3 of the 7 new amazing warm company products that we have in stock now!

These products are perfect for use with our
Rose & Hubble RH1 Craft Cotton PlainsRose & Hubble Cotton Poplin Prints & Plains
and John Louden True Craft Cotton Prints and Plains
– All of which can be viewed at www.oddies-textiles.co.uk

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Warm & Natural is the preferred batting among quilters and crafters world-wide! Only the highest grade, 100% natural cotton fibres grown in the USA are needle punched through a strong, very thin poly-propylene scrim, securing the fibre together without glue. Beginner friendly to help finish projects quickly. Quilting or ties can be up to 10” apart without the worry of bunching or separation when washing. Versatile – use in wall hangings, placemats stockings, totes, quilted clothing and as an exterior fabric for crafting soft sculpture rabbits, snowmen and more!

Ref WARMWN90: 228.6cm (90”) wide. 18.3m (20yd).

Ref WARMWN124: 315cm (124”) wide. 27.4m (30yd).

Soft & Bright needled polyester batting undergoes the same manufacturing process that makes Warm & Natural the world’s leading cotton batting! The Warm Company uses the softest 100% US made polyester fibres. Needle punched like no other polyester into a scrim, can be quilted or tied up to 10” apart or use as an exterior fabric for crafts. Great for beginners. Free motion quilting is a breeze as your quilt layers cling together with a minimal basting – just quilting with confidence! Perfect for children’s quilts as they’re laundered often and this batting dries quickly.

Ref WARMSB90: 228.6cm (90”) wide. 22.8m (25yd).

Ref WARMSB124: 315cm (124”) wide. 18.3m (20yd).

The masters of cotton quilt batting have done it again! The Warm Company is manufacturing Warm 100 with a 100% cotton scrim – a one of a kind innovation for quilters. Warm 100 uses natural cotton that has gone through extra mechanical cleaning eliminating all plant debris. The super clean, natural cotton is needled to an all new 100% cotton scrim providing the stable, versatile benefits quilters and crafters expect and rely on from Warm batting, Quilt or tie up to 10” apart, machine wash & dry finished quilts.

Warm 100 – the next Big Thing for quilting!

Ref WARMW100: 279.4cm (110”) wide. 22.8m (25yd).

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