Price Increase Alert – As of the 1st April 2021

In addition to the fleece price increase we were forced to implement last month – we have some more coming into force.

There’s never a good time to announce price increases, however the combination of Brexit import duties and extortionate shipping costs mean that we have no other option but to increase the price of the items below as of the 1st April 2021.

All prices are per metre ex VAT.

C2509 Gaberdine: Folded £2.50 Rolls £2.35
C3589-C8025 Polyviscose Tartans & Checks: Rolls £2.60
C5577 FR Leathercloth: 12.5m Rolls £4.75 25m Rolls £4.50
C5667 Peachskin: Rolls £1.65 (Folded still £1.75)
C5889 Cotton Chambray: Rolls £2.85 (Folded still £2.95)
C6272 FR Muslin: 50m Rolls £1.85
C6303 Suedette: Rolls £1.55 (Folded still £1.65)
C7121-C7123 Flat Woven Tartans: Rolls £2.10 (Folded still £2.25)
C7475-C7477 Waterproof Prints: Rolls £3.45
C7974 Viscose Twill: Folded £2.10 Rolls £1.95
C8129 Cuddle Satin: Rolls £2.10 (Folded still £2.25)
ES003 Nursery Sheeting: Rolls £2.10
ES007Baize: Folded £17.99
ES010 & ES011 Fur Fabrics: Folded £4.50 Rolls £4.30
ES015TOY Toy Stuffing: 450g Bag £2.95
ES016 Klona Cotton: Folded £2.65 Rolls £2.50
H070-73 Halloween Foils: Rolls £1.55
JLC0024 Osnaburg: Folded £2.25
JLC0082 Cotton Dobby: Folded £3.25
JLC0145 Cotton Voile: Folded £2.75
JLJ0115 Lurex Sweatshirting: Folded £5.75
JLJ0116 Organic Soft Touch Jersey: Folded £4.75
JLJ0200 Bamboo Towelling: Folded £6.45
JLL0002 Louden Lace: Folded £3.75
JLL0004 Washed Linen: Folded £5.50
JLW0002 Softcoat: Folded £4.95

Cotton and oil prices are also rocketing so we may have to introduce further increases later in the year. We will let you know as soon as possible if that is the case.

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