Christmas Sparklies

‘Tis the Season

for using our fantastic fabrics to make wonderful Christmas decorations that will bring a sparkle to any room or occasion!

Here’s just a few ideas to tempt you……

All Fabric Codes are linked to the relevant sections.


Carnival Tinsel Fabric – Ref C7719 


Snowflake Organza – Ref C7135

Japanese Plain 45″ Organza – Ref ES024C

Plain 58″ Organza – Ref C4378



Metallic Mesh – Ref C8177                                                 Christmas Cotton Tartan – Ref P012

  All-Over Sequins – Ref C7651                                            Flat Weave Cotton Tartan – Ref C7122



                                              Glitter Cotton – Ref JLC0205 & Ref JLX0086                                      Dress Nets – Ref ES017

                                                              Paper Lame – Ref ES023L                                                          Metallic Nets – Ref C5700

                                                          Metallic Organza – Ref C6700



Glitter PU Fabric – Ref C8036

Carnival Tinsel Fabric – Ref C7719

Glitter Cotton – Ref JLC0205 

                           – Ref JLX0086


If shiny doesn’t ring your Christmas bell

hessian bags are sure to sell!

Hessian Fabrics – Ref ES006HES



Warm & White and Insul-Bright are perfect for crafting and insulating.


Warm Company Products – Ref Warm






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