All Flag Fabrics

  • Code: Various
  • Composition: Various
  • Design: Flags
  • Width (cm): 142-150
  • Width (inch): 56-60
  • Weight (gsm) 130 – 150
  • Manufacturing: woven
  • Piece Size (Metres): 12 – 20
  • Roll Size (Metres): 12 – 70

Description – All our Union Jack are available in this one section. Ideal for crafts, bunting, decoration, fancydress making, etc.

Please note: C6144 & C6154 are 54″ Cotton Flag Fabrics. CP0118 are 45″ Cotton poplin Flag fabrics. RHDF0001-RHDF0007 are 60″ Digital Cotton Flag Fabrics. TC0072 & TC0073 are Polycotton Prints.

C6144: Flags 10.5cms x 4.7cms 100% Cotton

C6154: 3 flags across fabric width 100% Cotton

RHDF0001 – Each individual flag is 3cm x 5cm 100% Cotton

RHDF0002 – The Biggest heart flag is 3.8cm x 4.2cm 100% Cotton

RHDF0003 – Each individual flag 11cm x 5.5cm 100% Cotton

RHDF0004 – Each individual flag 6.7cm x 3.4cm 100% Cotton

RHDF0005 – Each individual flag is 48.5cm wide x 32cm

RHDF0006 – Each individual flag for rectangle is 31.5cm wide x 21cm, Triangle is 28.5cm wide x 21.5cm, swallowtail is 31.5cm wide x 21cm.

RHDF0007 – Each individual flag is 21.5cm wide x 28.5cm

Washing Instructions – Manufacturer says: 30 degree machine wash. Cool tumble-dry. We strongly recommend testing a small piece first to be sure.

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