Embossed Suede Scuba

  • Code: C8170 & C8171
  • Composition: 95% Polyester 5% Spandex
  • Design: Embossed
  • Width (cm): 147-150
  • Width (inch): 58-60
  • Weight (gsm) 280-300
  • Manufacturing: Woven
  • Folded Size (Metres): 12-15
  • Roll Size (Metres): 25-30

Description – Suede embossed fabric is one of the most popular high-grade fabrics in the market. Its feel, texture and appearance are like natural suede, after special finishing, fine and smooth, soft and plump. It has a soft feel and a good drape with strong stability.

Washing Instructions – Manufacturer says: 30 degree wash. Cool tumble dry. We strongly recommend testing a small piece first to be sure.

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